For business enquiries, session quotes, booking details, questions, answers, and fan-mail (well, I can dream!), please get in touch with me via this page.


I will get back to you as soon as I can, depending on my workload. Don’t be afraid to chase up if it takes longer but I’m normally quite good at remembering!

If you'd like to send an attachment (e.g. your demo, a reference track, photos from a show etc) let me know first and I'll provide an email for you to send it to - or if you'd like to call I can provide a phone number on request.

Thanks for submitting!


Please do NOT contact me to offer unsolicited services - thank you!



Q: Can I book one of your bands for a show?

A: Best way to do it is get in touch with them via their respective websites, socials, agents and whatnot.

Q: Can I book you for a solo show?

A: I'd love to! If I'm available, logistics are viable, and the occasion is suited to my kind of thing. Please get in touch and we'll see if we can work something out! I can also occasionally offer duo packages.

Q: What are your gigging rates for a solo show?

A: This can vary depending on set times, location, equipment, and format - I'm open to discussion on a case-to-case basis, weighing up these factors and the nature of the event itself.


Q: What are your online session rates?

A: It depends what you're after - I don't charge hourly rates but moreso for the complexity of what you require. For instance a brief keyboard/guitar loop would be much cheaper than a full blown multi-instrumental production! But overall, my packages are very affordable for this field.

Q: What genres do you work with?
A: I'm open to most! Rock, blues, funk, ska, mod, new wave, synth-pop, Britpop, rock'n'roll, punk, grunge, big-band and rockabilly are ones that are particularly my specialities. The only genres that aren't my bag are rap, trap, thrash and grindcore, drill, or the overwhelming side of modern jazz. But apart from those I'm open & flexible!

Q: Are you able to offer session work in person (i.e. in a recording studio or at a show)?

A: Possibly! I'll see if I'm available and can arrange logistics, and we'll go from there.

Q: How can I communicate my ideas and vision with you?

A: If you have voice clip memos of any specific melody ideas, no matter how rough or lo-fi, I'll reproduce them with note-for-note accuracy. Any reference tracks for vibe and sounds are a good starting point too - say you like a particular sound or playing style in certain songs, I'll replicate and tailor them for yours. Perhaps a phone or video call can also allow us to vibe ideas off the spot. We will get your creative vision accurately fulfilled - as evident by my very happy clients!

Q: Do you produce tracks, and if so would this be remotely or in person?

A: I do! This is a time-consuming process so it'll ultimately depend how much I have on my plate. Please have a listen beforehand to tracks I've produced on my Online Sessions page, to see if our sounds are compatible before taking the plunge. 


This will normally be remotely, but if you have access to a studio (plus engineer) I could come to you.

Either way you will need your own basic recording facilities to record your vocals and/or instruments to a click track, then I'll be happy to build instrumentation around it to reach your desired sound.

Q: Are you able to offer any discounts for sessions?

A: I'm open to discussion if we already have an established rapport and working relationship, but generally speaking, creating and tailoring instrumental parts to a professional standard can be a time-consuming process, and I only have so much leeway as a working musician. My current rates are incredibly competitive, and I believe they already offer exceptional value for money for the services, quality, and creative control!

Q: What DAW and software do you use?

A: Logic Pro X for certain technical stuff and for compatibility with clients, and an ancient but ultra-reliable version of Cubase that I know inside out for everything else. For keyboard instruments I use a mixture of state-of-the-art VSTs I've accumulated over the last 10+ years, but for Minimoogs, basses, and guitar amps I use the real thing. 


Please be assured I always prefer to keep it authentic and complete parts as a whole take rather than relying on dropping in, snapping to grids and copying & pasting, even with this technology at my disposal!


Q: Do you offer lessons?

A: As much as I'd love to, I don't currently have the space, facilities or resources to accommodate for one-to-one lessons. But maybe one day!

Q: Can you join my band?

A: Due to the nature of my varied and increasingly busy schedule, I need to consider if I can viably and financially balance it with what I'm already juggling, if I know you personally or artistically, and if it fits with my own creative urges and goals (if you're a pub covers or "indie" band, it's an automatic no, sorry)! That said, I'm happy to help with recording and maybe the odd show via my session packages.

I'm more than happy to discuss or clarify any of the above if need be! Please feel free to get in touch via the form above and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.